CSI Leasing Launches Subsidiary in Japan

June 16, 2021

CSI Leasing has expanded its Asia-Pacific operations by opening a subsidiary in Japan. This expansion follows the recent launch of CSI Leasing India Pvt. Ltd. in November 2020. The company now has seven leasing subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region and services customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The new entity, CSI Leasing Japan K.K. (“CSI Japan”), will immediately begin servicing CSI’s existing portfolio of global customers with subsidiaries in Japan and will seek new business with companies headquartered there as well. CSI’s parent company, Tokyo Century Corporation and its network of global subsidiaries, will also offer CSI’s fair market value technology leasing expertise to its own customer base.

“CSI has several customers with operations in Japan. This new subsidiary is first and foremost driven by the demand from those existing customers. That, along with Tokyo Century’s continued support and exposure to their clients, will provide substantial opportunities for CSI to grow its already significant multi-national customer base,” said Steve Hamilton, chairman and CEO. “A subsidiary in Japan will allow us to provide an even more seamless experience to our global customers.”

CSI’s current managing director and CEO of Asia-Pacific, Cheng Chiin Ong, will manage the new subsidiary. Cheng Chiin has been with CSI for 10 years, and has more than 20 years of leasing experience. She has a proven track record of success in leading the region, including CSI’s subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to lead this expansion to Japan. With the continued support from colleagues at Tokyo Century, along with support from the entire global CSI team, I am confident we will thrive in the Japanese market. CSI is known for lease structure flexibility and I believe many of our offerings will be new and beneficial for those in the region,” said Cheng Chiin.

In addition to leasing, CSI’s subsidiary, EPC, offers end-of-life IT asset disposal solutions that provide data sanitization, remarketing and recycling for technology equipment with a vast network of facilities strategically located around the world.