Choosing Leasing for Compliance with Disposal Laws

CSI Leasing Customer:

  • Major regional healthcare provider in the South
  • Multiple facilities include hospital, behavioral health center and rehabilitation facility
  • 3,000 items currently leased from CSI

The Problem:
Most organizations have concerns about protecting data when disposing computers. This large healthcare group, governed by HIPAA, was no exception. Like many organizations, they had been retiring computers for years into an empty storeroom, for lack of a better alternative. Among the dusty pallets were boxes of hard drives loaded with patient data.

With a new mandate to stop stockpiling, they began to consider leasing as a solution.

The organization knew it needed a lessor that could help with its data security compliance requirements. It also wanted to be certain that none of the used computers would end up in landfills. And for both requirements, the lessor would need to provide documentation by serial number.

The Solution:
An all-in-one solution came to them in CSI Leasing who, with an in-house disposal facility and premier compliance systems, offered a true cradle-to-grave solution. After visiting CSI’s wholly-owned disposal and recycling facilities and reviewing the documentation CSI would provide, the organization felt comfortable with CSI’s processes and integrity. Other leasing companies, who either didn’t provide disposal services or outsourced them, couldn’t make the same assurances as CSI.

Another solution that CSI provided was a cost-effective plan to remove the surplus that had been growing. While this equipment had not been leased from CSI, and had come from many different sources and manufacturers, CSI’s asset recovery group handled it with the same care, following the same procedures, as they do with all other equipment.

That was three years ago. This solution has worked so well for them that when HIPAA auditors came in earlier this year, the IT group was specifically given high marks for disposal. According to the auditors, working with a professional data sanitization organization made a lot more sense than trying to do it in-house.

How We Did It:
In our eyes, the solution was simple. With an infrastructure built to support all facets of proper technology disposal, we are experts at data security, recycling and remarketing. By handling the entire process ourselves, we can guarantee the backend support and processes that more and more companies require. And, these services are always provided at no additional cost to our leasing customers.