From Chaos to Control: Transforming Technology Lease Management

CSI Leasing Customer:

  • Fortune 1000 Company
  • Manufacturer of consumer electronics
  • 72 locations in the U.S.

The Problem:
By using several technology lessors, this IT department found itself in asset management chaos. Hundreds of assets were acquired each month, using multiple lessors and monthly contracts with each. The purchasing process was a paperwork nightmare, requiring several employees to focus on little but lease management. Trying to maintain leased assets was disastrous and time-consuming, resulting in many expensive problems including consistently late returns. Compliance with disposal laws was an afterthought, leaving the company exposed to considerable risk. Clearly, the intended benefits of leasing were diminished by the excessive costs of inefficiency.

The Solution:
The CIO realized the only way to regain control was to simplify the process. Scaling down to one lessor was the goal, so choosing the right one would be critical. After thorough analysis of several lessors’ abilities and services, they chose CSI Leasing and our quarterly SmartTrackSM lease program.

How CSI Did It:
CSI effectively helped the CIO and his team streamline acquisition, asset information and disposal. Improvements included:

  • Quarterly installation and documentation
  • Number of annual lease agreements reduced from more than 50 to less than 10
  • Order management provided by CSI lease administrator
  • 90% reduction in lease paperwork
  • Asset information with serial number detail maintained online provided accurate information and better decision-making ability
  • Newfound flexibility to change platforms with ease
  • On-time returns coordinated by CSI, plus compliance with disposal laws

Translation to Cost Savings:

  • Four full-time IT employees redeployed to other areas
  • Payment processing and transaction costs decreased
  • Fewer end-user disruptions
  • End of lease savings – no more late returns fees, volume shipping discounts